MLB rejects the 114 game proposal from players union

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On Wednesday, the MLB officially rejected the players union proposal of a 114 game season in 2020. Instead, the league is leaning towards either a 48-to-54 game season with prorated salaries, or an 82-or-so game season with less than prorated salaries.

Between the two options, you’ll likely see more players lean towards an 82-game season. That’s if they are getting paid more than they would get paid in a 50-or-so game season. The season would have opt-outs for players who choose not not play for any reason. However, only those classified as “high risk” would recieve play. For example, if someone doesn’t play because they have immunocomprimised children, then they would get paid.

However, Joel Sherman reported that both sides seem to have more pessismism then ever about getting a season underway. That’s certainly dissapointing, but hopefully they can salvage a season. This sport needs it.

It doesn’t seem like the owners have much interest in having a season and doing what’s best for the sport. They only seem to care about themselves, and if there isn’t a season, it could kill baseball. And that isn’t a joke.

Baseball already has a downward trend, with fans not watching games and kids playing other sports. No season will lose more fans, and will hurt owner revenue years down the road.

Owners keep forgetting that 2020 would be a one year revenue loss. If all goes to plan, fans should be back in the stands by spring of 2021. There could be a coronavirus vaccine as early as November or December.

With time winding down to formulate a plan, it’s time for all sides to come into an agreement. Players want to play, but they want to be treated right. A season must happen.

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