MLB: 31 players have coronavirus in preliminary testing

As Major League Baseball players and staff returned to home stadiums for “summer camp”, they had to undergo coronavirus testing. With everyone now tested and results available, the league has released the general results of the tests.

3,185 tests were conducted across the league between players and staff, with just 38 positive results. 31 of the positive results were for players. 19 of the 30 teams had at least one player or staff member come back positive.

When you crunch all the numbers, it comes back to be a 1.2% positive test rate. That number is actually quite good.

New York State is a state that has beaten and lowered the coronavirus curve. Although the state saw a high infection and positive test rate this spring, the virus is now under control. Right now, the state has a 1.38% positive test rate. The MLB’s rate is lower than the rate of one of the best states right now, so that’s impressive. In contrast, Florida is seeing a 14.59% positive test rate.

The test results are very encouraging in terms of getting the season started as planned. Obviously, things are still very fluid and can change very quickly, but the league is in good shape right now.

Now that players are back in home cities, they should be able to cut down and limit their contacts to reduce the chances of picking up the virus on the street. Although the league isn’t in a “bubble”, players need to be super cautious about where they go and who they see away from the stadium.

Opening Day is less than three weeks away, and that’s very exciting. Hopefully, baseball can prove to be a great distraction during these unprecedented times.