Luis Rojas: Managing the New York Mets is a “dream come true”

The New York Mets manager Luis Rojas has a very clear objective in sight. After being presented as the team’s skipper, he wants to bring success to the Queens squad.

Rojas and the Mets are together since 2007, the year when he started to climb the ladder, slowly but surely. He managed several teams over the years and made it to Double-A, and he served as a valuable coach, as well.

Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil, Pete Alonso, Tomas Nido, Brandon Nimmo and other players that are now part of the Mets’ core have nothing but praise for Rojas, a baseball man.

“This is a dream come true for me,” Rojas said. “To become the New York Mets manager, that was my dream. Standing here in front of you, I can share it with you now.”

Considerable knowledge of the game at the Mets’ service

He knows the game and isn’t afraid to give an advice when needed. He is the brother of Moises Alou and the son of Felipe Rojas Alou, two very prominent figures in the sport.

Quoted by during his introductory press conference on Friday, Rojas called his dad “my college, my university of baseball,” but claims he also learned from his uncles and his half-brother Moises, as well as many others.

Rojas will have the responsibility of leading the New York Mets at a very young age. He is 38 years old, only a few weeks older than reigning Manager of the Year Rocco Baldelli (in the American League.)

He is hungry, but humble. He credits other people in this achievement, arguably the biggest challenge of his career.

“I don’t want to leave anything out that’s put me here where I am today,” Rojas said “I think every single thing has led to this, from conversations with my relatives to the experiences in the Minor Leagues and winter ball. There have been a couple of championships as a manager and as a coach. … Those are the things that we can employ and use for our team, as well.”

The team is now his. He will need to convert that experience and knowledge of the organization in wins.