How And Why Manchester United Failed In The Match

Manchester Failed Match

Before the upcoming game against Tottenham, many fans were betting on Manchester. However, the results of the match surprised them greatly. Thus, MU missed three goals, and goals were scored because of pretty basic mistakes. For this reason, the further prospects of the team in the championship becomes very vague.

It is worth noting that for MU such a defeat is a pretty big deal, and it has a great emotional impact on the players.

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Game Results

Luke Shaw, team’s defender, spoke on the results of the confrontation and team’s mistakes; he singled out several points that determined such outcome of the match:

  1.     Quite a successful first half, during which Manchester was able to create a number of scoring moments, and they could make the result of the meeting obvious. However, none of the players were able to utilize those moments.
  2.     Lack of those opportunities for Tottenham in the first half of the game — the team did not make any corner or threatening pass.
  3.     However, in the second half, Manchester misses the corner ball and got the second goal because of their own mistake.

Thus, MU was in a more active position throughout the game but despite of this managed to miss three goals. For this reason, all team members are disappointed with the result.

It is worth recalling that before the game, Manchester coach spoke about the team’s readiness for the match, as well as the good mood of the players. After the game, he concluded that the strategy and tactics of the lineup was on top. Among the reasons of the failure he called the accumulated fatigue. In addition, Mourinho noted that several players can be a suitable fill-in for injured Jones, among them are Smalling, Bailly and Lindelof.

Coach of Tottenham highlighted that this victory gave the club “only three points”, that’s why the players intend not to stop at what they achieved. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of this victory, as the team remained without a ball over Old Trafford for four years.

Thus, the fans hope that the players of Manchester will be able to restore their form and show the highest class game during the next matches. It is also worth noting that with the help of the website you can watch a huge number of events on the world of sports. For example, here the fans of fc barcelona or other major clubs will be able to keep abreast of all the interesting games and news!