Dear Ryan Pace: Please, bring back Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson, New York Giants

At the beginning of the off-season, many wondered if Chicago Bears superstar wide receiver Allen Robinson would be suiting up for the team again in the 2021 season. Ultimately, Allen Robinson signed a franchise tag tender worth $18m, keeping him in Chicago for one more year to many fans’ surprises. So the question was no longer will Robinson stay in 2021, but will a contract be negotiated for the 2022 season?

The deadline to negotiate a contract from a franchise tender is July 15th. As of writing, it is July 5th. That means the Chicago Bears only have 10 days to negotiate new terms with the best wide receiver and offensive talent on their roster.

Is there any hope?

Honestly, not a whole lot. The Bear’s front office has been tranquil when asked about negotiations, and Allen Robinson hasn’t indicated that things are going over smoothly. When asked on an episode of NFL Total Access on Wednesday, Robinson stated, “We’ll see.” Not exactly what Bears fans had hoped to hear.

It’s not all bad

Robinson has numerously reiterated his commitment to the team and this season. Continuing in his talk with NFL Total Access, Robinson reaffirmed his commitment to the 2021 season, “How can I help put this team, how can I help put this offense in a better situation than we were in last year?”

Robinson will certainly assist the offense in reaching new heights. His talent is noteworthy. PFF ranked Robinson the 4th best receiver in the NFL heading into the 2021 season. However, it is crucial to note he has achieved this level of play with inconsistent and bottom-tier quarterback play. Insert Justin Fields.

The Bears must retain Allen Robinson.

With Fields in town, the Bears need to find a way to keep Robinson. The cap situation is unforgiving, and the organization was forced to release their pro-bowl cornerback Kyle Fuller in March. Regardless of how painful it may be, successful teams in today’s league have a dynamic duo between mobile big arm quarterbacks and incredibly athletic wideouts. I commented on this earlier last month. It would be a waste to bring in Justin Fields, pair him with Allen Robinson for a year, and then toss Robinson to the curb.

So please, Ryan Pace. Bring A-Rob back. We need him. Justin Fields needs him.

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