Chicago Bears: Dalton’s chemistry with Robinson Apparent

Allen Robinson, New York Giants

When the Chicago Bears signed quarterback Andy Dalton back in March, the expectation was that Dalton would lead like a veteran while upgrading the quarterback position. Through three weeks of training camp, Dalton’s leadership has been on display, holding players accountable while creating relationships that will define the 2021 season.

One such relationship involves Dalton and star wide receiver, Allen Robinson. Through three weeks of training camp, the QB-WR duo has gelled quicker than most expected, a relationship visible throughout practices.

“For me, I’ve obviously watched Allen throughout his career and to see what he’s been able to do and now actually getting to firsthand, see how he works, how he operates, to talk through how he likes to run routes, when he’s expecting the ball to come out on certain timings on these routes, I mean it’s been great, just the communication we’ve been able to have, I mean that’s what we’ve got to have this time of year,” Dalton said via the Bears official YouTube Channel.

Past experience will also play a big role throughout the season when discussing Dalton and Robinson, giving the Bears a veteran QB-WR duo that the franchise hasn’t seen since Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall headlined the offense nearly a decade ago.

“It’s so nice for both of us, we’ve played a lot of football, so we can talk through different looks and I think we both understand what we’re expecting to see,” Dalton said.

For an offense that’s starting from scratch in year four, the Bears know how valuable Dalton and Robinson’s connection could be when it comes to laying the foundation for the offense moving forward. A roster that features a perfect blend of younger players and veterans, what Robinson and Dalton do throughout training camp could be a defining relationship for Chicago.

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