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Will the Brooklyn Nets move on from Jarrett Allen?


Has Jarrett Allen worn out his welcome in Brooklyn? It wasn’t too long ago the Brooklyn Nets were drafting this intriguing fro-rocking 6’11” Center out of Texas. The previous two years before this season, Jarrett Allen seemed to be a centerpiece for the future of this team. Allen showed promise as a young, tough-nosed franchise center, offering protection around the hoop and rim shattering dunks. He developed a great chemistry with Deangelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie last year and was an integral part of the 2018-2019 playoff team.

Unfortunately, Allen was exposed in the playoffs by Joel Embiid, who scored with ease while being defended by the Nets big man. Nevertheless, going into this offseason, Nets fans seemed content moving forward with Allen as our franchise center. That narrative changed quickly with the shocking arrival of KD, Kyrie, and Deandre Jordan,

One of the reasons why the two superstar free agents decided to choose Brooklyn this offseason, was because their close friend Deandre Jordan persuaded them that Brooklyn, not the Knicks, was the place in New York to sign. Jordan had played on the Knicks the previous season and did not have a positive experience there. So general manager Sean Marks, decided it was the right move to sign all three free agents, even if that meant halting the development of his young center Jarrett Allen.

Splitting time with Deandre Jordan

It’s been an interesting year for Nets’ big men. While many fans were not sure what Jordan had left in the tank, he has proven this year that he is still one of the most physically gifted big men in the game, soaring over defenders for highlight-reel dunks and grabbing an impressive 10 rebounds a game. Ironically, Jordan has played like a wiser, more experienced version of Jarrett Allen. Their games are incredibly similar, from being on the receiving end of many high-flying ally oops to blocking shots and rebounding, it seems as though the Nets have had the same player in two different bodies.

Even their numbers are practically identical:

Jarrett Allen (2019): 10.6 ppg on 64%, 9.5 reb, 1.3 blk, 25 minpg

Deandre Jordan (2019): 8.3 ppg on 66%, 10.0 reb, .9 blk, 22 minpg

Both men have shown they can still play the center position at a high level, but unfortunately, it looks as though Allen’s stock is on a rapid decline with the Nets. It started with Allen’s drop off in overall energy and intensity from last year, something the Nets broadcasters have been quick to point out throughout the course of the season. Allen then lost his biggest supporter in Kenny Atkinson, who was let go by Brooklyn a week before the NBA season was suspended. Jacque Vaughn’s first move as interim head coach was to replace Allen with Jordan in the starting lineup, a decision that may be related to Vaughn lobbying for the HC job next year. And finally, Jordan has the prior relationship with KD and Kyrie. Jarrett Allen does not.

With the development of rookie Nic Claxton as another big man in the rotation and the return of KD and Kyrie, it seems inevitable that Sean Marks and the Nets will try to trade Allen in the final year of his rookie contract for a more essential piece, possibly that 3rd superstar Nets fans have clamoring for.

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