Brooklyn Nets: Free Agency Fun Part 3 – Iso Joe Johnson

Brooklyn Nets, Joe Johnson
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Well, it’s the off-season. The Finals are a thing of the increasingly distant past, the NBA Draft is right on its heels, and every major player has pretty much left the free agency boards. Things are more or less set in stone with just a few loose ends needing to tied. So with this series, I’m going to just throw out some names that remain out there in the Free Agency Pool. I don’t truly believe that Sean Marks and the Brooklyn Nets brass are looking at these players, but these are players I wouldn’t mind the organization taking a chance on.

Despite the roster for the 2019-20 season being already established, I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a familiar face back in Brooklyn. Joe “Jesus” Johnson, Brooklyn’s original Number 7. Joe Johnson is supremely loved and a fan favorite for the many heroics and years of carrying a burden he wasn’t supposed to with the Brooklyn Nets.

When his running mate Deron Williams declined before our eyes and Brook Lopez struggled with his health as well as play at times, Johnson was asked to shoulder the franchise that he was supposed to play more of a supporting role. From big games to clutch moments, Joe did all he could for us and it’s greatly appreciated.

Adding Joe Johnson brings another professional NBA veteran. Having already played here, he’ll be familiar with the setting and many of the things that the organization tries to do. Joe can help continue to be an example to the younger players, showing them how to maneuver in the NBA and how to carry themselves. This is a common theme throughout the Free Agency Fun because of how important the culture that Sean Marks has established is.

Although upholding the culture is important, Joe Johnson can still contribute with good play. He struggled from 3 his last stint in the NBA, but the season prior he shot 41% from outside the arch.

In Brooklyn and Miami the year before that, he shot about 37% and 42% respectively from deep. Joe has even said he wouldn’t mind returning to the NBA given the chance, as he continues to put on a show and dominate in Ice Cube’s Big 3 league. Albeit against older retired players, Iso Joe shows that he still has it.

Signing Joe Johnson address a need for the Nets to get another shot creator. The Brooklyn Nets don’t have too many of those in abundance. Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Caris Levert would probably be the ones that come to mind. After that, much of the roster are probably better suited as catch and shoot or pick and roll players.

Johnson is a player well known for being able to create space for his own shot. His ability to have the rock on a string is one way he does that. Another way is in the post. At roughly 240lbs, Joe Johnson may be in the body of a two-guard or small forward, but he has the weight of a power forward. When Joe goes into the post, many times it is pure bully ball. Don’t get it twisted, he can operate extremely well in there with a wide variety of moves, but he also has the ability to overpower those guarding him. Him also giving the Nets a post player creates the option of him potentially being doubled in the post as he has been throughout the course of his career.

With that, he has plenty of shooters he can kick it out to so that defenses pay. Joe’s weight and frame also gives Kenny Atkinson and the Brooklyn Nets a player who can and has played four positions. He can run point for stretches, the off guard, but it’s probably best he play majority small forward and power forward, where he can better utilize his advantages on both sides of the ball.

Lastly, outside of fanfare and a good story, Joe Johnson can help players such as Caris Levert grow their game. Teaching the younger guys various dribble moves or help them get a better grasp and feel for the game would do wonder. Levert started coming into his own last season and with Joe’s help, he could reach even greater heights. I know America is pro keeping religion out of school, but I wouldn’t mind having Joe Jesus bless us in the Barclays one last time.