Brooklyn Nets could look to Carmelo Anthony for farewell tour

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Should the Brooklyn Nets consider signing Carmelo Anthony?

The last few years have seen Carmelo Anthony’s playing time decrease. They’ve seen him bounced around the league via trades and also cut unexpectedly. He’s been forced to play the bench as he’s watched players with far inferior resumes get signed or be invited for workouts.

Even players with as much baggage as Dwight Howard have gotten a shot at an NBA life yet again. Reading this you’d think Carmelo’s career was all, but over right?

That’s the thing, it is all BUT over. Stay Melo, he still has life. As the former NBA star readies to scrimmage with his former team in Manhattan, news broke of a hefty Wilson Chandler suspension. With the knowledge that Chandler was violating league policy by way of PEDs, the NBA hit Chandler with 25 games. That’s more than 25% of the season that he’d be MIA for. It does not help Chandler’s case that he went on to lie (or what looks a lot like a lie) about the situation.

Now I don’t know the stipulations within his recently signed contract, but that could be the key to Melo’s shot at being on an NBA team.

If the contract allows for cutting ties without paying all or any money for violations such as this one, Sean Marks and the Nets may decide to look into that. This organization has worked extremely hard to create a certain culture and atmosphere that could be in jeopardy if they let this slide. For appearance sake, the Nets may cut Chandler anyway, leaving the door open for the team to search for another SF/PF. And that would be of course where Melo comes in. It doesn’t hurt that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are pushing to have Carmelo Anthony added to the roster (per Frank Isola).  The Saga continues.

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