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gerrit cole, yankees
Gerrit Cole and the Yankees made history in late 2019 by agreeing to a colossal $324 million deal over 9 years. This was the largest contract
Willson Contreras, yankees
As the August 2nd trade deadline creeps closer, trade negotiations have begun to heat up. The New York Mets, whose offense has struggled
Knicks, Donovan Mitchell
The Knicks were one of the first teams to pursue Mitchell, but early on it seemed as though negotiations had hit a roadblock. The Jazz…
daniel vogelbach, pirates, mets
The Mets began their first of two consecutive swaps with the Pirates Friday night by acquiring slugger Daniel Vogelbach. While he will not be
dominic smith, mets
Since 2017, Dominic Smith has been one of the main staples on the Mets roster. Smith has played a variety of positions. This includes first
juan soto, yankees, washington nationals
On the morning of July 16th, the baseball world exploded. Word broke that baseball wunderkind Juan Soto had rejected a colossal 15 year, $440
Andrew Chafin, mets, yankees
Don’t let the Mets early season success fool you. They are far from a perfect team. Several glaring weaknesses on their roster are holding
Knicks, Donovan Mitchell
The Knicks are seeking not to build for the future via the draft, but rather through the trade and free agency market. This became even