Brooklyn Nets: Gilbert Arenas, The Man Who Knows No Chill

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Remember Gilbert Arenas? The super cocky, all-NBA scoring point guard who tore it up for Washington in the mid-2000s and then watched his career come crumbling down at just 28 years old due to a combination of injuries and, of course, being suspended an entire season as a result of the infamous locker room firearms incident with Javaris Crittenton? Well, if you think his years of reflection during his early retirement have humbled him, you’d be dead wrong. Arenas, or @no.chill.gil on Instagram, has his own podcast and twitch stream, and he is STILL relentless when it comes to talking trash. I wanted to break down his two recent moments of Trash Talk: Friendly Trash Talk and Verbal Warfare.

Friendly Trash Talk

Recently, Richard Jefferson brought his former Arizona teammate Gilbert Arenas onto one of his live-streaming platforms. The two spoke in length about the season in which they went to the national championship together, eventually losing to Duke in 2001. Arenas playfully made jabs at Jefferson’s expense throughout their trip down memory lane. First, he voiced his disapproval of a highlight against Illinois someone had put up, since the person referenced that Arenas and Jefferson led the Arizona team that year.Β  Arenas said that in the highlight, he saw Jefferson score one bucket and that it was him (Arenas) who had carried that Arizona team with little to no help from Jefferson. Arenas led Arizona that year, scoring 16 ppg whereas Jefferson was the 3rd leading scorer with 11 ppg.

Jefferson attempted to come back at Arenas by bringing up Gilbert’s horrendous performance in the championship game, a game in which Jefferson had performed well on offense. Arenas then exclaimed “The only game you played well in, was the only game we lost!” and also brought up Jefferson’s inability to cover Michael Dunleavy Jr, who finished the game with 21 points to lead Duke. I found this whole conversation to be a great example of two former teammates throwing playful verbal jabs at each other. Watch the whole clip here:


Verbal Warfare

Jefferson and Arenas seem to have a much better relationship these days than Arenas and his former Washington teammate Nick “Swaggy P” Young. Recently, Young came out with a video on his Instagram, essentially blasting Gilbert Arenas, calling him a con artist and blaming Arenas for hurting Young’s career early on. Young recalls a story in which he and the other rookies on the team were wrongfully blamed for a Wizards loss against Boston, and that Arenas was heard on the sideline shouting to then-coach Eddie Jordan “if the motherf$$kers not ready, don’t put him in!” Young ends the video by saying that was the moment he knew Gilbert Arenas would “ruin his life” and that his career would trend downward after that. Watch the whole clip here:

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My life with @no.chill.gil πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Arenas quickly addressed the Nick Young video with his own 13+ minute Instagram video, detailing his perspective of what went down in Nick Young’s rookie season. In the video, Arenas said that he was hyped on Nick Young, and was eager for the Wizards to draft him. Arenas mentioned that he envisioned a successful backcourt like the one he had with Larry Hughes earlier in his career in Washington. Arenas described training camp and preseason the same way that Young did, saying he thought Young had done a great job in preparation for the season. But when the season started, that’s where their stories differed.

Arenas pointed out that Nick Young was a negative in the +/- point differential in almost every game he appeared in as a Wizard. While Young recalls the Celtics game as the Arenas outburst, Gilbert claimed that it was a game against the Nuggets in Washington that prompted him to say something to Eddie Jordan. Arenas mocked Young for being a -17 that game and claimed he had been getting torched all night. That was then Arenas turned to coach Eddie Jordan and screamed close to exactly what Nick Young remembered.

Gilbert Arenas would go on to say that after that game, Young’s playing time declined drastically and the Wizards began to win basketball games again. He even went as far as to compare Nick Young’s game to a wrong Amazon order, implying what he thought he was getting from Young wasn’t what he received.Β  Arenas finished the video by saying “Nick Young I didn’t ruin your career” and listed several reasons why he thought Young was the only person to blame for his career not going as planned. Watch the whole clip here:


Moral of the story? Don’t get in a verbal jousting match with Gilbert Arenas.

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