Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner provides answer on Aaron Boone’s with the team

On Tuesday afternoon, Michael Kay hosted New York Yankees managing partner Hal Steinbrenner for a post-season interview.

Regarding Aaron Boone’s future with the team, Steinbrenner stated:

“Aaron Boone will be back next year. That’s just a fact.”

Many fans think that Aaron Boone should be relieved of his duties after an inconsistent 2020 campaign that resulted in an early exit during the postseason.

Facing off against a small ball Tampa Bay Rays team, the Yankees managed to take it to five games, in which they were trounced by a stronger squad. The Yankees have spent too much money to be losing in the postseason so early, and haven’t reached the World Series in over a decade.

With the roster’s talent, one would think that Boone could find a way to win, but injuries have put him in a tumultuous spot on numerous occasions.

Losing Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and James Paxton for a majority of the 2020 season was always going to be problematic. The Yankees floundered because of it, despite winning 103 games on the backs of reserve players in 2019. Boone has shown that he can be a capable manager, and blaming him for inadequacies that are out of his control at times is ignorant.

The Yankees need to find the answer soon, and Steinbrenner knows that:

However, Hal also mentioned that he didn’t like what he saw with the inconsistencies during the season and that he apologizes to Yankees fans, stating that ”we didn’t even come close.”

He also touched on a few more delicate topics, including the team’s finances and DJ LeMahieu‘s future deal. He stated that the Yankees sustained “significant losses, more than any other team in baseball.”

As for LeMahieu, he recognizes his value to the team, and “I’ll leave it at that.”

Nonetheless, the Yankees will once again be back in action in 2021, but the team has plenty of off-season decisions to make. It withers down to their starting pitching rotation, bullpen, and depth at positions housed by sluggers with injury-prone histories.

I expect to see some significant changes over the course of the off-season, but the Yankees are running out of patience and time to field a World Series caliber roster before ownership takes action.