The New York Yankees Need Aaron Boone To Limit His Mistakes in 2019

The Alex Cora and Aaron Boone competition has only contributed to the New York Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox rivalry. Both managers had stellar campaigns with their respective teams last season, with Boone winning 100 games and Cora earning a World Series title.

The New York Yankees need their manager to improve:

While the Yankees have worked tirelessly on improving the defense of the infield, their manager will need to contribute to the betterment of the team as well – by means of turning his previous mistakes in 2018 into successful actions.

In the ALDS against the Red Sox, Boone allowed a struggling Luis Severino work through a tough three innings and start the fourth. He allowed six runs on seven hits and two talks. His outing was disgraceful in a playoff game, but that’s besides the point.

Boone should have been aware that his accuracy and location weren’t consistent though the first two innings. While it’s unreasonable to expect the Yankees to have relievers warming up in the second-inning, there should have been a plan in case Severino struggled out of the gate.

To make matters worse, Severino loaded the bases immediately in the fourth-inning and Boone elected to bring in converted starter Lance Lynn and leave strike-out specialist Chad Green on the bench. Green strikes out 33.3% of the batters he faces with Lynn striking out only 22%.

Preparation and efficiency:

This decision was simply bad and was only one example of the speculative season Boone had. He needs to be more efficient and prepared when it comes to facing adversity. Now, of course it was his first season as a head coach in the MLB and all of these mistakes were lessons-learned, he must eradicate these mishaps in 2019 completely – especially if he wants to contend for a World Series title.