New York Yankees: Why Miguel Andujar Needed to have Surgery

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

The fact of the matter is, the New York Yankees rushed back third baseman Miguel Andujar after he suffered a small labrum tear in his right shoulder sliding into third base.

Andujar returned from the injury and went 3-for-32 at the plate, not only showing that he was still affected by the injury, but that he likely should have gotten surgery immediately.

Doctors and specialists have stated that he doesn’t need to endure surgery to heal the small tear, but at this point, it is the right move given his lack of efficiency at the plate and defensively. He can’t make the throws effectively and interim starter Gio Urshela has played so well that losing Andujar simply doesn’t spell the end for the Yanks.

“The small labrum tear is still there, it hasn’t changed at all,’’ Boone said before the Yankees’ game against the Orioles in The Bronx was postponed by rain. “The rest of the shoulder is pretty good and stable. I think over the next 24 hours, he’s gonna have those conversations with his family and with us to figure out the best course of action: whether to go down the road of surgery or whether to continue to rehab. These will be the decisions made over the next 24 hours.”

With a ton of starters out – Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and multiple starting pitchers, the team is in dire need of reinforcements.

How long will the New York Yankees lose Miguel Andujar for?

Despite this fact, Andujar will likely miss between 6-12 months after surgery. It will end his season and the hopes of competing for a World Series title with a team stocked with talent…injured talent.

However, the outfield did gain back starter Aaron Hicks after months of rehabbing a stiff back. The Yanks took it slow with their leadoff hitter, but he’s finally back to 100%.