New York Yankees Underdog Relief Pitcher Could Make Significant Impact In 2019

The New York Yankees have one of the best bullpens in major league baseball, featuring Dellin Betances, Zack Britton, Adam Ottavino, Chad Green, Aroldis Chapman…the list goes on. Their dominance can be predicted on paper, as their collective skill sets can match up against any opposing batting order.

But, one of the players not listed is Danny Farquhar, a player that’s returning from a significant brain injury that nearly cost him his baseball career, not to mention his life.

The New York Yankees offer a second chance:

Last April, the relief pitcher was in the dugout when he suffered a serious brain hemorrhage, which was the result of a ruptured aneurysm. There were concerns that he would never walk again, let alone pitch in a professional game, but several months later he’s back on the mound.

“Huge for me,” Farquhar told reporters in Tampa after a simulating game “I find it a huge stepping stone every time. My family [his wife and three children] was out there in the stands, enjoying it, watching it. They wanted to be part of it and I want them part of it. So I’m just thankful that they’re here to watch me.”

The pitcher struck out two of four batters, one swinging and the other looking. He looked sharp and capable while wearing a specially designed baseball cap that protects the left side of his head.

He continued by saying:

“Obviously it’s still early and there are a few kinks to work out but overall I felt great. Extraordinarily successful being the fact that I wasn’t thinking about anything besides striking everybody out. I wasn’t thinking about my helmet hat, I wasn’t thinking about anything else. I was just, my focus was what it’s been in the past. Just create swings and misses, that’s what I call normal.”

The Yankees invested in the relief pitcher in hopes that he could return and make an impact on the 2019 season. Farquhar earned a collective 3.93 ERA over seven seasons in the big-leagues, proving he can be an effective force when on the mound. I expect him to play a rotational/reserve role in case of injury in his first season back from a life-threatening injury.