New York Yankees Shortstop Primed To Break Out Of Slump

New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius

As the New York Yankees prepare to take on the Mets in the Subway Series, shortstop Didi Gregorius will attempt to break out of his slump.

Didi is hitting .242, well under his expectations and a light-year away from his hot-streak to start the season.

“I’m not happy with the at-bats because I’m not helping the team, to be honest,” Gregorius said. “There’s always some ups, there’s always downs. The downs, you don’t want it to beat you.”

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While Didi knows cold-streaks happen in baseball, he may have to refer back to the basic mechanics to return to form. According to some analysts, Didi has been dipping his shoulders slightly which affects the trajectory of his swing, causing him to swing over a lot of pitches. By simply keeping his shoulder elevated and utilizing his hips, he may be able to solve the problem. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

How has Didi compensated?

While the shortstop has struggled as a batter, he’s been more than adequate as a base-runner and defender. He’s stolen eight bases in 10 attempts, which ties the Yankees for 13th best in the American League.

“Talking to Booney, we talked about some leads and talked about if I could use my speed and I’ve been working on it since spring training,” Gregorius said. “It’s just things we talked about in spring training about trying to get better. It’s one more thing on the map for me.”

Baseball is a game of up and downs, but maintaining your defensive skills and improving in other areas of the game is the only way to compensate for a dip in hitting production.
The Subway Series is the perfect opportunity to break out of the the slump for Didi, as it would give him the confidence to begin hitting consistently once again.