New York Yankees: Ronald Torreyes Leads The Way

Ronald Torreyes is leading the New York Yankees in batting average with .429—Aaron Hicks, the next man on the list, isn’t even close with .364.

Torreyes has come off the bench to play in eight games, going 9-21 with nine hits, three doubles and one strike out. This spark in the offense (all 5’8, 150 lbs) may come in a small package, but it packs a powerful punch and often gets the Yankee offense going.

Not to mention that Torreyes is a solid glove man at whatever position he plays, as Austin Romine told John Healy of the New York Daily News:

“You can’€™t count Toe out,” said catcher Austin Romine. “He’s going to make plays that others don’€™t make.”€

No wonder there are headlines that call for Torreyes to play an even more prominent role with the team, perhaps, even replacing Miguel Andujar, who is struggling with the bat, at third base.

In Friday night’s game against the Detroit Tigers, Torreyes had three hits and an RBI in the 8-6 win, a fact which might get lost in the fireworks provided by Hicks and his spectacular multi-homer game.

Torreyes produces at a rate Yankee fans have come to take for granted—he makes the occasional start or comes in off the bench and produces hits and RBI opportunities for the big guns that come after him.

When he’s on the bench, not playing, he is watching, learning, as he told Healy:

“Although I’m not playing in those games, to me I feel like I’€™m playing because I’m in every pitch, every at bat,” he said.

Torreyes is one of those rare breed of players that seem born ready to play. When he gets the call, he always answers with impact plays on both sides of the ball.

Despite his size, what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in impact and right now Torreyes is leading the way for one of the most potent offenses in the league.