New York Yankees Provide Great Injury Update on Gleyber Torres; Bad One on Giancarlo Stanton

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

After a brutal series against the Tampa Bay Rays that leave them three games out of the loss column, they get some updates on injuries. The New York Yankees‘ poor production offensively from Brett Gardner, Mike Tauchman, and Tyler Wade. They need their bats back, and while one is coming soon, another seems to be even farther away. According to Bryan Hoch, the news we got today are both good and bad.

The Yankees expect to have Gleyber Torres back in the lineup on Saturday or Sunday at Baltimore. Giancarlo Stanton is still “a ways away,” so he won’t be in Baltimore, according to manager Aaron Boone.”

Let’s break this down:

Getting Gleyber Sooner Rather Than Later

Tyler Wade’s offense has been brutal for the Yankees, as a solid start has petered out, as the 109 wRC+ through his 1st 16 PA has been undone by a brutal 22 wRC+. This has been out of your shortstop position which is exactly where Gleyber would play. Having your reliable bat in there to get the offense going in this September stretch that consists of 10 games against the sneaky good Blue Jays. They have a light schedule to many, and if they want any shot at the division, they need to get clicking¬†now. Gleyber Torres being a .350 OBP and .500 SLG caliber hitter like he usually is would give the Yankees the boost they need to get going.

What Do the Yankees Do Without Stanton?

The New York Yankees outfield has been brutal offensively, with only Aaron Hicks and Clint Fraizer hitting well. Mike Tauchman and Brett Gardner have been downright brutal with the bat, and it’s been tough to watch. Not having Stanton or Judge means they can’t even take Gardy/Tauchman out of the lineup. They need to either get the two going or figure out if there’s a bat they have to call up and take their ABs, something that they might have to look into.

This news is both great yet awful, as while Gleyber is a huge help, you were hoping for Stanton to get healthy soon.

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