New York Yankees: Judgement Day Looms For Manny Machado

It’s no secret the New York Yankees are pursuing superstar free agent Manny Machado, and for a variety of reasons, him being added to the team makes sense.

While some have expressed their lack of desire to acquire the top talent, primarily due to his past effort and lapses of judgment at times, his presence would be beneficial.

Former Yankee and current free agent pitcher Zach Britton stated that he had a good relationship with Machado on the Baltimore Orioles, even going as far as stating he was a quality teammate and wasn’t a distraction by any means. That’s good to hear, as the red flags surrounding him fall primary around his work ethic and personality.

How would the New York Yankees utilize Manny Machado?

To start, it’s fair to say Machado would start the season at short-stop. Didi Greogius is recovering from Tommy John surgery and it seems he will miss a fair chunk of the 2019 season. The star free agent could fit right in at SS and potentially remain there for the forseable future. Didi is a free agent next winter, which might make him expendable, despite being a clubhouse and fan-favorite.

Nonetheless, the two-time Gold Glove winner is much more than just an above average fielder, he’s also a stellar hitter. In 2018, he slashed .297/.367/.905 – these numbers are MVP caliber, but while Machado didn’t win that particular award, he was an easy choice for the All-Star game.

Moving forward, the Phillies and White Sox are also interested in the third-baseman, but the Yankees hold the advantage being his boy-hood club. If they can come close to the deal he seeks – 10-years, $300 million – his signature will be a lock.