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New York Yankees: Is Old Faithful Sabathia Running Out Of Gas?

There’s nothing more fascinating than taking a look at New York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia and saying, “how is his motor still going?”

Sabathia has had a rather up and down career, winning 14 games in 2017 but winning a combined 18 between 2014-16. His lack of consistency is what really causes fans and coaches to wonder about how much gas in the tank he has left.

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According to Wednesday’s game against the Texas Rangers, Sabathia was throwing fire until the 4th inning, giving up five runs to allow the Rangers back into the game. His inconsistent pitching is just an analogy for his career totals.

So far in 2018, Sabathia has earned an ERA of 3.55, with a record of 2-1. The consensus is starting to shift to the narrative of, “the Yankees might need serious starting pitcher aid.”

In the last three games against the Rangers, the Yankees’ three starters recorded 13 total innings, 13 hits, 17 earned runs, 10 walks and six home runs. That’s an average of more than one run per inning… The Yankees are lucky to have escaped with even a single win.

The bright side:

The Yankees can’t stop hitting home runs. In the last seven games, the Bombers have bombed 21 home runs – but the pitching has forced the team to come crashing back to earth after a tremendous April/May run.

Being that Sabathia is struggling with consistency issues and Tanaka can’t seem to effectively toss his fastball or splitter, the Yankees might be forced to seek a trade to bring a quality starter to their rotation.

One option would be Rangers’ Cole Hamels. Hamels pitched against the Yankees on Tuesday, throwing seven strong innings – giving up two runs and four hits. A solid outing for the veteran that saw his team earn a 6-4 win.

While Hamels may have a 3-4 record, his losses can be blamed on the team’s offensive production. In the four losses, Hamels only allowed 10 runs, which is a tad more than two runs per game. Compared to Sabathia, who has allowed 13 runs in just three games.

The bottom line, the Yankees can continue to hit as hot as the sun, but as long as the pitching continues to struggle, the team will flounder as a result. Hopefully, a mid-season acquisition or a young pitcher can step up and begin to force a rebound from the bullpen as a whole.

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