New York Yankees: Gleyber Torres To Move Around Infield In 2019

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres
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In 2018, New York Yankees youth infielder Gleyber Torres, played 21 games at shortstop, committing five errors and turning eight double-plays. The youth product has played far better at second base, allowing 12 errors in 109 overall games. If we consider the games-played differential between the two positions, we can assume Torres would have committed over 25 errors at SS.

His issues at the infield’s most difficult position forced the Yankees to move him to second where he remained for the rest of the season. But just because he was moved doesn’t mean there won’t be another opportunity for him to prove himself.

With Didi Gregorius rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, it’s expected that Troy Tulowtizki and his two Gold Gloves will feature as the starting shortstop until Didi returns. I anticipate that Torres will alternate with the veteran while DJ LeMahieu plays second-base. This will allow Torres to continue developing at short as the Yankees prepare for the potential departure of Gregorius in 2020.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone stated to the New York Post:

“I think the question with Troy is, assuming health, is how much is he able to bounce back day in and day out. Even if Troy is completely healthy, there’s gonna be some significant playing time I think for Gleyber at shortstop until Didi (Gregorius) does come back.”

The timetable for Didi’s return is between June-August, which offers plenty of time for the Yankees to rotate their infield and try different combinations. Luckily, they have the run-support and pitching quality to win games while experimenting with different options.

Yankees grabbed a solid veteran on a great deal:

The Bombers managed to grab Tulo on a league-minimum deal this offseason, while the Toronto Blue Jays pay him the remaining $20 million on his last contract. He offers immense value in terms of experience and defensive capabilities. Player’s like Tulo and LeMahieu will help Torres and Miguel Andujar develop their game and adjust to the professional level.