New York Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton’s Biggest Weakness Is On Full Display

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

As the New York Yankees push forward through the 2018 season, recently acquired outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton, has had his ups and downs trying to get acclimated with the American League style of play.

Stanton currently has a batting average of .245, with 11 home-runs and 49 hits over 200 at bats. The new Yankee has struggled to adjust to his new team and the expectations set forth for him in New York, and his most present weakness has been on full display this season.

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Stanton vs left handed pitchers:

When facing left handed pitchers, Stanton is above average, hitting .370 with 7 home-runs and 20 hits over 54 at bats. That’s stellar, and provides reason to believe his signing is more than justified, but when you take a look at his stats against right handed pitchers, things get dark.. quick.

Stanton vs right handed pitchers:

While Stanton is fantastic against lefties, his struggles have been concentrated to righties. His current batting average is .199, with 4 home-runs and 24 hits over 146 at bats. The interesting part about this statistic is that he has faced right handed pitchers nearly three times more than left handed slingers.

Being that his statistics show a serious decline when facing righties, it’s safe to say he’s failing to live up to his investment, so far. Now, there’s no doubt he will eventually live up to his expectations, but it’s important to notice his most apparent struggle thus far in the season.