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New York Yankees Flashback: “The Captain”

We’ll never know what numbers the late great New York Yankees‘ Thurman Munson, who was born on June 7, 1947, would have added to his 10-year totals of 113 homers and 701 rbi’s had he not been taken away from us at such a young age.

This consummate Yankee Captain, the first since Lou Gehrig held the honor, is the first June 7 Yankee birthday we will acknowledge this day. Munson was a seven-time All Star in 10 years, he was a great clutch hitter, and had the 10th best World Series career batting average until just a few years ago. But awards don’t do justice to the career of this great who died too young.

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Three old-time Yankees share the seventh as birthday with Munson: Lefty Ed Wells (1900), who posted a fine 37-20 win-loss record in 107 games for the Yankees from 1929 through 1932; righthander Ralph Buxton (1914), who pitched for the 1938 Philadelphia Athletics, and then made his next (and only other) big-league appearances with the 1949 Yankees, for whom he lost one game and saved two in 14 appearances; and third baseman George Moriarty (1884), who drove in 93 runs for the 1906-1908 Highlanders after two seasons with the Cubs; he played with the Tigers until 1915 once they purchased him from New York in January 1909.

Other players of note born on June 7 include lefthander Herb Score (1933), who won 55 while losing 46 with the Indians and the White Sox from 1955-1962; George Mitterwald (1945), who hit 76 taters and 301 rbi’s for the Twins and the Cubs; and Don Money (1947), who spent most of his 1968-1983 career in Milwaukee to the tune of 176 home runs and 729 rbi’s.