New York Yankees Entering A Hypnotic State Of 2019 – It’s Time For Baseball

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez
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Well, if this title didn’t indicate that I’ve just about run out of topics to cover, then, you’re 100% right. We could talk about the New York Yankees signing Manny Machado and Bryce Harper but I’m tired of that nonsense, aren’t you?

Well, I promise, no free agency talk here, and especially nothing about the two names mentioned above…yes, we are blocking them from the reality we are about to experience.

It’s time for the New York Yankees:

Ladies and gentleman, today is the day…pitchers and catchers report to spring training. You know what that means, right? Baseball is back!

Close your eyes and imagine the crisp smack of the glove, repeating like some sort of hypnotic attempt. Back and forth, smack, smack, smack…sorry, almost got lost there.

The pitchers take the mound to throw their first pitches of the year together – most have been training on their free time this offseason, preparing to take on the realistic attempt of a World Series appearance in 2019. Luis Severino steps up to the mound, Gary Sanchez gazes back, ready to receive the first of many high-speed fastballs.

May 2, 2018; Houston, TX, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino (40) delivers a pitch against the Houston Astros during the second inning at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Boom, the first fastball hits 97 MPH, the next 98. Severino seems to be sharp, coming off a disappointing second half to the 2018 season. Finishing with a 3.39 ERA, an average that tells a story of tipped pitches and a vague remembrance of an ALDS blowout. Times are changing, though, and his goal is to eradicate any flaws from his past. His focus is laser sharp, and we know he can pitch at “ace” level. Seve was projected as a potential Cy Young winner after the first half of 2018. Dominant was a word often used to describe his performance on the mound.

But Sanchez is in more need of a bounce-back year. Recording 18 passed balls and a .186 batting average, improvement is almost guaranteed. “The Kraken” is a patient, mindset orientated athlete. One that needs to grow into the flow of the game, but more-so the season. He’s comfortable behind the plate because he can focus, find that rhythmic baseball trance. Smack, toss, smack, toss…a sound we all long for.

It’s time. Everyone is ready to begin the quest for No.28, but first, we must enjoy the present. The sounds of baseball will push us through the remaining winter months.