New York Yankees: Brian Cashman doesn’t need to acquire star pitcher

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

It’s hard to ignore the starting pitching issues the New York Yankees are currently facing, however, it’s completely unnecessary to go out and trade a ton of assets for a superstar pitcher.

Whether it be privilege or ignorance, the Yankees currently sit at 47-27 on the year, an impressive record for a team that seemingly has no pitching if you ask the fanbase. Trading away Clint Frazier and a slew of talented minor league prospects doesn’t guarantee a World Series, in fact, waiting until they gain back their starters from injury is likely the move GM Brian Cashman is dialing up.

The New York Yankees can keep their assets:

While it’s enticing to utilize Frazier’s current value to bring in a talented pitcher, it’s unnecessary. The Yankees’ run-production over the past few games has been fantastic – 28 runs in the past three games.  They’re on a six-game winning streak, four of which have come against two of the best teams in baseball — the Tampa Bay Rays and Houston Astros.

Masahiro Tanaka has begun to elevate his efficiency and Nestor Cortes produced a stellar game as well. Domingo German is on the 10-day injured list and will miss an undetermined amount of time. He will likely work his way back in the next week or two. Luis Severino will remain out until early August – if the Yanks can continue winning a majority of games and survive until the return of Severino, they will be in good shape moving forward.

Adding first-baseman Edwin Encarnacion helps in the run-production department, which has helped the Bombers compensate for a lack of pitching quality. They would be smart to continue relying on their hitters instead of using ample assets to bring in a big-time pitcher, as they will have to overpay most likely.

Unless they can strike a fair deal for Frazier and minimal add-ons, they should stay the current path and continue winning anyway.