New York Yankees Battling With Boston Red Sox For Quality Reliever

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The New York Yankees recently signed relief pitcher Zach Britton to a three-year $39 million deal with a fourth-year team option if exercised in the second-year. Retaining the former Oriole was essential after David Robertson was signed by the Phildalpehia Pillies.

New York Yankees’ Zach Britton’s deal details:

Despite the fact the Yankees have bolstered their pitching rotation with Zach, it seems as if they’re not done adding pieces to the puzzle. Losing Robertson means they have to find another player to add to the rotation, and Adam Ottavino fits the bill perfectly.

Ottavino as been an extremely effective pitcher throughout his career despite a blip on the radar in 2017 where his ERA jumped to 5.06. In 2018, he bounced back in a big way, earning a 2.43 ERA with six wins and allowing just 25 runs over 77 innings-pitched. That’s averages less than a third of a run per-inning, so approximately one run every three-innings pitched.

With Craig Kimbrel a more expensive alternative that remains on the market, it’s likely the Yankees go all-in on Ottavino to replace Robertson, otherwise they might be forced to overpay for a talented yet unnecessary reliever.

The Boston Red Sox remain in the hunt:

The Yankees could very well be in a negotiating battle with the Red Sox for Ottavino’s services given the monetary commitment it would cost to sign Kimbrel. If New York can lure the former Rockie to the Big Apple, Boston will have two sizable holes in their pitching rotation.