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Just How Good Has Brett Gardner Been For The New York Yankees?

A two run home-run against Jacob deGrom in the New York Yankees‘ first win of the subway series on Friday, fueled a sweet victory that put the Yanks ahead of the Red Sox in the race for first-place.

While the Mets continue to struggle on offense, the Yankees continue to gain speed as they push forward in the season. But one of the most influential players during this current hot-streak is Brett Gardner. The heart and soul of the Bombers sent the go ahead runs with the home-run that just jumped over the outfield wall. deGrob has been one of the MLB’s most dominant pitchers, but Gardner was prepared for the challenge.

At 34 years-old, Gardner was thought to be on the last leg of his playing career, but he’s showing that he might just have some life left in those speedy legs.

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“He means so much to our team,” Boone said. “Kind of the heartbeat, what he brings every day. Just game-plan-wise today, really on it. Came up in a big spot there and snuck one out of there. Just quality at-bats all the time and for the better part of a month now, the results have followed those quality at-bats. He’s a savage for us up at the top.’’

The center-fielder comes to play every day, and he will lead his team into battle whether they’ve lost 10 in a row, or are on the most prolific hot streak in baseball. His hitting has been terrific, and for your lead-off hitter to be on fire, it ultimately fuels the rest of the team and compensates for the cold hitting of other players.

Heading into the final game of the subway series against the Mets, Gardner will return from a rest day and looking to continue his streak into Tuesday’s matchup against the Nationals.