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Giancarlo Stanton Hits Exceptionally Well When A Specific Player Is Pitching


New York Yankees’ Luis Severino has a lot to like about his new teammate Giancarlo Stanton , the two have a great connection that started on Opening Day when Stanton went 3-for-5 with 2 home runs and 4 rbi. When Sevy starts Stanton has a slash of .500/.529/1.188 and despite Giancarlo’s early season struggles when the ace is not starting Severino remains confident about the reigning NL MVP going forward wether or not he is on the mound.

“I don’t care what everybody says. He’s a great hitter. And he’s going to continue to do this stuff.”

He also made a prediction about Stanton’s home run totals for the season.

“I told him, ‘I have to pitch every two days,’ ” he said. “Every time I pitch, he hits a homer . . . Like I’ve said [before], by the end of the year, he’s going to be at 50-something homers.”

Stanton hit a career high 59 home runs last season and currently has 10 this season on pace for 48 according to Eight of the ten home runs have come when Severino is on the mound and in three of his eight starts Stanton has had multi-hr games. Sevy’s prediction of 50 hr is not unrealistic when you consider Giancarlo has not been hitting home runs regularly yet. He has only homered in seven of the Yankee’s forty games with six of his hr coming in three of those games. Expect to see the bombs come more frequently once summer comes. Last season he hit 30 of his 59 hr in July and August.

Another example of the excellence Severino’s presence has done to Giancarlo’s bat is the extreme split when Luis is not starting Stanton bats a .160/.336/.273 slash with two homer runs and eleven rbi vs .500/.529/.1.188 with eight homers and fifteen rbi when he does start. Stanton also has recognized the magic that happens when Luis is on the mound.

“I told him in here between innings, ‘We work well together,’ ” Stanton said with a smile

In Severino’s last start on May 13th against the Oakland As Stanton went a perfect four-for-four raising his batting average 20 points from .232 to .252 and was a triple short of the cycle. He had one home run and drove in three. The Yankees won 6-2 and capped a 7-2 home stand. Severino benefitted from the offensive output winning an AL best sixth game. After the victory Boone had this to say about Stanton’s game.

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“He was the difference today,” manager Aaron Boone said. “A lot of quality at-bats by him. Just very happy with the work he’s put in — the hard work behind the scenes, the grind you see day in and day out from him — and when it gets rewarded I love that.”

Some of the Stanton’s highlights from the Games Severino started:

  • Three multi-homer games.
  • Two four-rbi games.
  • A 4-for-4 game on Mother’s Day.

The highlight Yankee fans might have enjoyed the most though? Giancarlo owning Dallas Keuchel hitting two home runs off him on May 2nd in Houston. It was the first home run a Yankee hit off Keuchel who the Yankees have struggled mightily with in the past and one of the more despised opposing pitchers in recent Yankee history.

The Yankees now start an eight game road trip against the Nationals, Royals, and Rangers. Severino should get his next start in the Royal’s series, it will be the first time since 2013 Stanton has played against the Royals. Will the Severino-Staton connection give Yankee fans another special game?

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