Three Wins in a Row For The New York Mets

The New York Mets looked dead in the water after losing the first two in their four game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Over the last two games in the series the Mets scored five runs in consecutive games and combined it with their solid pitching to split the series in Arizona. The followed that by blowing out the Colorado Rockies in the first game of their series.

Mets Offense Has Returned From the Dead

The 12 run outburst last night is not going to happen every night but it was much needed for Jacob deGrom. He has received no support all year and scoring 12 was a small way to make up for the lack of support they have provided in his starts. Playing back to back series in very friendly hitter environments might have been what the offense needed to finally score runs again.

During these very tough couple of weeks, the starting pitching has been there, but their offense was non existent. They have the best starting pitching since May 20 and have only needed four runs of support to get the Mets a win. With the reinforcements, Jeurys Familia and Anthony Swarzak, returning to the bullpen it fixes a mediocre Mets bullpen. Once Noah Syndergaard returns, Seth Lugo can return to the bullpen and give the Mets four pitchers they can rely on late in ballgames. The Mets starters can feel more secure about a lead being safe.

A three game winning streak has been a rarity over the last few months, but with the pitching they have received it can continue. The Mets offense just has to be average and the Mets can turn the ship around. As of now, the focus should be on getting back to .500. Once they get there, they can set their sights on catching up to the three teams ahead of them in the division. If the Mets bats continue to hit there is no reason to doubt that the Mets can bring themselves back to relevancy.