Trae Young’s dad throws shade at New York Knicks fans

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The New York Knicks were embarrassed by the Atlanta Hawks over five games in their first postseason appearance since 2012. Despite the Knicks having an admirable regular season, led by head coach Tom Thibodeau and All-Star Julius Randle, they simply didn’t have enough star talent to push them forward when it mattered most.

Despite the fans’ best efforts, they were unable to discourage the Hawks, even sending out a few profanity-ridden chants toward Trae Young.

However, there were a few instances throughout the series that were uncalled for, specifically a fan spitting toward Young in an outrageous expression of misguided emotion.

Young’s dad, Ray, came to his defense, taking a fair share of shots at New York Knicks fans in the process for their lack of respect.

“I’m seeing a lot of dry hating on the app right now,” Ray Young wrote Friday night from his personal Twitter account, targeting Knicks fans specifically. “Doesn’t get any worse than that. Wishing for another teams downfall because your team got embarrassed. Y’all take them 4 L’s and focus on next year. Quit cheerleadin.”

Ray has a point, as the Knicks fans didn’t treat Young and the Hawks particularly well, but his son did a fair share of gloating during and after games. Some of the chants were undoubtedly over the top, but Trae didn’t seem phased, stating after the series that he enjoyed the atmosphere, despite the physical altercation that caused a fan to be banned permanently from The Garden.

“I didn’t feel it. I saw the video and it’s disgusting,” Trae Young said. “For me as a player, I come out here to do my job and play. I had no problem with the fans and what they’ve been saying, things like that. It’s a part of it. It’s basketball and I enjoy it, I love it. I’m not mad at the fans who chant things or whatever. That’s for another subject. But for spitting and things like that, that’s uncalled for in any arena, any environment.

Especially during Covid, spitting toward a player from your luxurious courtside seats is not tolerable. The fan is not a representation of the Knicks fan base as a whole, and while Ray’s comments are justified in that respect, generalizing the entire fan-base is a bit outlandish.
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