Retaining Jamison Crowder was vital for Jets’ future

Jamison Crowder, New York Jets
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The New York Jets‘ receiving group has been completely revamped, leaving Jamison Crowder as the odd man out. As a result, the 28-year-old receiver was asked to take a 50% pay cut for this upcoming season.

Crowder agreed to the pay cut, preventing a release.

Through poor coaching, inconsistent quarterback play and horrid offensive numbers, there has been one somewhat pleasant sight. That sight is Jamison Crowder. He has been the one offensive player that did what was expected of him each game, for the most part.

Playing mostly out of the slot, that’s where he does most of his damage. Across the last two seasons, he has 91 receptions for 1,094 yards on plays from the slot position alone. Those rank seventh and eighth, respectively, according to ESPN Stats and Information. Keep in mind, Crowder missed four games last season with a soft-tissue injury.

Those numbers are obviously not elite compared to the rest of the league. However, with the inconsistency around him, he was productive. Now, he won’t be the number-one option this season and he may not even be the third. Regardless, keeping him around is vital for the future along with the upcoming season.

With Crowder likely playing behind newly acquired Corey Davis, Denzel Mims and rookie Elijah Moore this season, his impact off the field could prove even greater.

He’s a proven veteran who could drastically improve Elijah Moore’s transition and development as a rookie in the NFL. Not only are both players primarily slot receivers, but they are also built nearly the same way. Crowder is 5’9″, 177 pounds and Moore is 5’10”, 178 pounds.

Moore could learn a lot from a player who has found success doing what he hopes to do at the next level. In fact, he has already been turning heads at Jets camp and it’s hard to believe Crowder has nothing to do with it. The rookie out of Ole Miss is obviously talented himself, but there’s a good chance he has applied some things he’s learned from the vet already.

Moore may be faster, more explosive a little more talented than Jamison Crowder, but the things he can teach can prove invaluable for the rookie’s potential future success.

Now, Crowder will obviously have an impact on the field as well, it just may be lessened. Regardless, his presence could play a vital role in Zach Wilson’s development as well. Every quarterback, young or old, needs someone to rely on in big situations.

This could be a stretch, but I’ll go ahead and say it. Crowder could end up having a role this season as Jason Witten had with Tony Romo on third downs. It seemed like every third and four or five, Romo would find Witten in the middle of the field for a first down. Crowder could be the guy who, even if his numbers aren’t eye-popping, has one of the biggest impacts on the field.

Crowder is a reliable pass-catcher that Zach Wilson could look to for big, quick catches to keep drives alive. I think he could actually thrive in that role this upcoming season and, obviously, offer more when needed.

Having a guy like that early in Wilson’s career is crucial to his development, especially when the other receiving options aren’t necessarily as proven as Crowder is. In regards to the projected top-three receivers, Corey Davis has been inconsistent throughout his career, Denzel Mims is in his second year and Elijah Moore is a rookie. They all bring, perhaps, more excitement than Jamison Crowder but he brings the verified reliability.

That reliability makes him valuable on the field and boosting the confidence of your rookie, franchise quarterback makes him invaluable.

With having an impact both on and off the field, to both receivers and quarterbacks, retaining Jamison Crowder was vital for the future success of the young Jets players.

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