Are the New York Jets playing a risky game at quarterback?

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There is no doubt that the New York Jets will roll into the 2021 season with Zach Wilson as their primary starter, but behind him, they have a dearth of inexperience and talent.

Ultimately, the Jets had Joe Flacco behind Sam Darnold last year to help supplement injuries, and while their offense struggled considerably no matter the quarterback, new head coach Robert Salah believes that they are just fine at the position.

The New York Jets don’t have any qualified QBs on the roster:

Currently, the team has two quarterbacks on the roster that have never played a regular-season NFL game: Mike White and James Morgan. White is a former fifth-round pick in 2018, and Morgan was drafted last year in the fourth round.

One could make the argument that the Jets are taking a risky approach without any veteran experience on the team to help Wilson adjust and adapt, kind of like what Josh McCown did for Darnold. Of course, if the front office had actually provided Sam with a decent offensive line and weapons to utilize, this current Jets team could look a lot different.

“To just think that just because they’re a veteran it’s going to help a quarterback, there’s a match that has to happen, there’s a scheme familiarity that has to happen,” Saleh said. “If you just bring in a veteran who doesn’t know your scheme, he’s learning just like the rookie is. Aside from helping him with rehab and [regeneration] and study habits, which I think Zach and that entire quarterback room is already ahead of the curve on how they handle their bodies and study, I don’t know if there’s much value aside from being comfortable that if the crap hits the fan you have a veteran who has played football. It’s more of a comforting feeling rather than working your ass off to develop the quarterbacks who are already in the building.”

I agree with Salah to a degree, as Wilson will be the immediate starter whether or not the team has an experienced veteran on the roster. However, I believe he could’ve benefited from having a mentor behind him.

It is clear that the Jets are looking to develop their backups to fit their scheme, but they must be thinking about Wilson and his progression first and foremost. Salah did mention that the team could add another quarterback for training camp, depending on how the three quarterbacks looked this spring. Wilson has had his ups and downs during practice, but that was to be expected as he adjusts to NFL practices and intensity.

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