What Landon Collins Thinks About Davis Webb Being The Future Of The Franchise

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The New York Giants decided to pass on a quarterback in the 2018 NFL draft in hopes that Davis Webb would develop into Eli Manning’s heir.

Webb has the chance had the chance of a lifetime to showcase his skills right before the draft, and it seems as if he did just enough to cement his spot on the roster as the ‘veteran’ behind Manning.

Star safety for the Giants, Landon Collins, spoke to ‘Boomer and Gio’ on WFAN, expressing his thoughts about Webb and if he can be the future of the franchise. Lately, analysts and fans have called for fourth-round pick, Kyle Lauletta, as the potential heir to the throne, but a tenacious Webb stands in his path.

What did Collins have to say?

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“He is the future,” Collins said when asked about Webb’s performance in practice. “When I play against him he puts some balls over my head, over Jackrabbit’s head in perfect spots where either the receiver is catching the ball or no one is catching the ball.”

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This is coming from one of the best defenders in the league folks, not a third-string practice squad player.

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Boomer asked how Webb appears while on the sidelines and in practice:

“Comfortable,” Collins said using a word to describe Webb. “He’s always next to Eli, earpiece in his ears, he’s the future.”

When DRC was still on the team, he stated:

“A young Eli,” Rodgers-Cromartie told reporters when asked what he has seen from Webb in practice, via Big Blue View. “I used to laugh at him, ‘Why is the man mimicking Eli during a practice when Eli takes a step, you can see him behind him doing the same motion he is. What is wrong with this dude?’ It finally hit me that he’s just trying to do everything that he’s doing, so he’s definitely learning, willing to learn and he’s doing the right things, I think.”

Webb spent a majority of the 2017 offseason refining his technique and perfecting the art of being a quarterback. Of course, he’s far from perfect, but he’s on the right path to greatness.

Just before the 2018 draft, Empire Sports Media had the pleasure of interview Webb’s offseason trainer, Tony Racioppi. The former NFL player raved over Webb’s skillset and strength from under center.

If you want a full breakdown of what he had to say, follow this link!