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Top Offensive Guard Becomes Free Agent – Should New York Giants Go After Him?

Could the New York Giants still be in the mix for a free agent guard on the open market? It’s possible.

New general manager Dave Gettleman awarded former Jaguars’ left guard Patrick Omameh with a nice three-year, $15 million deal, but it shouldn’t waver his mind from attempting to grab another big-time guard, now that one is available.

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Former Buffalo Bills offensive lineman, Richie Incognito, retired only several weeks ago… But now he’s back, and him and the Bills have parted ways. This means Incognito is a free agent, and he could be just the guy to solidify the Giants’ line for the next few years.

Incognito was scheduled to collect about $5 million in cap this year, but leaving the bills has left the door wide open for his contract expectations. According to PFF, Incognito ranked as the 12th best guard in the league in 2017. For comparisons sake, Omameh ranked 36th. That’s a major difference, especially when considering the similar cap-hit of the two.

Currently, the Giants have about $8.3 million in cap-space left, but that’s without Saquon Barkley’s allocated money. It will likely drop considerably and might put them out of contention for Incognito. But, I wouldn’t rule out a few potential cuts to make room for the quality offensive lineman.

Here are a few players that could be released to open up some cap-space:

John Greco — $720k

John Jerry — $1.075 million

Ray-Ray Armstrong — $1.237 million

That adds up to about $3 million in additional savings, which could be enough to sign him on a multi-year deal (first year would be $3 million).

Could he be worth the investment?

See for yourself:


  1. Alex,

    Always wanted Incognito on my team! He was labelled a bully back in Miami. But he wasn’t the problem. The problem was Jonathan Martin who is long out of football and got in trouble with the authorities a year or two ago.
    Give me Incognito. He is one nasty plugger who is a solid run blocker and an excellent offensive guard, in total.
    Incognito was liked and respected by almost all of his teammates in Buffalo.

    I hope that Gettleman can make a few cuts and maybe redo a contract or two to get Incognito signed and let Omameh be the #1 backup.

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