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The Offensive Lineman The Giants ‘Need’ To Grab In The Second Round

After taking a look at UTEP offensive lineman Will Hernandez, it became apparent that he would likely be a first-round grab in the upcoming NFL draft.

The New York Giants are in a state of rebuilding on the offensive line, making the 2018 draft one of extreme importance. Players like Isaiah Wynn and Hernandez could slip to the second round, but it’s unlikely that optimistic idea comes to fruition.

So, we must dissect another lineman that could benefit the Giants right away, and provide them with starting quality in an attempt to salvage any potential Eli Manning has left in his bones.

The technical genius:

In this clip, you will see Price start from the center position and fight off a defensive tackle with ease. You can clearly see that the DT is much larger than Price, but his technique is so solid that it doesn’t equate to any advantage.

His his biggest strengths are his powerful hands and footwork. His initial jab is one of the best coming out of college and it contains so much power that it often shoves nose tackles backwards. You will see in the next video the type of power he possesses. At 6-foot-4, 312 pounds, Price has a great frame. He has tight hips and a powerful upper body.

Price was expected to destroy the bench press at the NFL combine, but succumbed to a torn pectoral muscle in his forth rep – which saw his draft stock drop significantly. This is great news for the Giants, who will have a great opportunity at grabbing him in the second round.

Prices’s lack of length puts him at a disadvantage in some circumstances, but he should translate to a quality guard or center. The Giants let Weston Richburg walk in free agency and re-signed Brett Jones to take over the starting job. Grabbing Price would be a steal for the Giants, as he was once a projected first-round pick.

This is one of the most impressive clips in regard to Price and his power. Out of the gate he stumbles a bit, losing his balance, but manages to regain his composure rather quickly. He re-establishes his balance, locates his assignment, and lays a blow on him that he’s likely still feeling.

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Price manages to place both of his hands on the defender, lowers his head, and literally tosses him several yards. An impressive display of quickness, strength, and the ability to recover after a troublesome start.

Overall, the Ohio State center has incredible potential at the NFL level, and a team willing to take a gamble will likely be rewarded with a stellar athlete and a leader in the locker room.


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