The Many Mistakes of New York Giants Owner John Mara

New York Giants, John Mara

When the New York Giants fail to perform – John Mara says everyone including him is accountable. Does that mean there is a scenario where he could step down? Now, the errors of his ways:

1. Do you fire HOF Head Coach Tom Coughlin, General Manager Jerry Reese or Both?

John Mara allows Jerry Reese to hose him into throwing Coughlin under the bus!!! Wrong, so wrong. See Jacksonville under Coughlin, See Giants under Jerry Reese. LOL.

2. Players take a knee and aid the polarizing movement spreading across the country. The NFL is taking a beating and John Mara stands idly by while his fan-base goes up in flames.

Does John Mara provide leadership or explain the #giantspride brand to Vernon, Snacks or The Humble? Nope, crickets……

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3. A failed head coach and a soon to be fired general manager go to ownership for permission to end Eli Manning’s consecutive game streak.

Who does John Mara side with? Who takes the place of the Hall of Fame franchise quarterback? None other than now Chargers backup quarterback Geno Smith. Brilliant.

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4. Giants leadership in need of a major overall. It is time to hire a General Manager and Head Coach. What does Mara do?

Reportedly interested in John Dorsey, Cleveland moves most decisively and makes the hire before the Giants are ready. Then a Patriots General Manager / Head Coach Candidate tandem is available, John Mara elects to avoid the scrutiny of fresh eyes for the second time and instead selects an old comfortable former employee Dave Gettleman. Not bold, not brave, no new blood.

5. Odell Beckham Jr debacle has been building for over a year.

Does John Mara lay down the law to the player or seek to trade him? No, the fan base gets double talk and the player gets mixed messaging.

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6. Who is running football operations?

The owner should hire the General Manager and fade to the background. In this case, John Mara seems to micro manage and undercut the General Manager. Who is in control of the draft board? John Mara seems too involved.

7. Was the future of Eli Manning a part of the General Manager hiring decision?

The end game on Eli Manning should have openly been discussed between John Mara, the new General Manager and Eli Manning. He has earned that. After the banishment of Coughlin, there needs to be a plan in place here for Eli. What is that plan? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…

This ends where it starts. What is the benchmarking of John Mara and how does he get held accountable? He isn’t Wellington Mara. This team isn’t 100 percent owned by the Mara family. The world should know the New York Football Giants are in good and accountable hands.