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The Giants Can Save $40 Million In Cap By Letting Two Players Walk In 2019

While the New York Giants venture towards the 2018 season, several holes remain on both sides of the ball — in the secondary and offensive line. While general manager Dave Gettleman addressed many positions in need of aid, not all of the problems can be solved in one offseason.

Undoubtedly, several players will need to be prioritized in the 2019 season, and free agency will surely be an outlet for Gettleman to address any remaining or arising issues.

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Two players that can open up $40 million in cap-space:

The Giants will have to make several tough decisions in 2019, and it will all come down to their performances in 2018. One of the biggest questions will revolve around the extension of Eli Manning. The Giants’ franchise quarterback will count $22.2 million against the cap in 2019, which is an exorbitant amount considering the cap-hit and potential of both Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta.

In addition to Manning, outside linebacker Olivier Vernon will be allocated $19 million next season. Vernon has an out in his contract in 2019, which ultimately allows the Giants to back out of his contract if they feel they can replace his production in other ways.

A potential game-plan would be to draft a defensive end, or outside linebacker to replace Vernon and save ample money in the process.

This plan would allow Gettleman to utilize a plethora of cap-space to solve issues in the secondary, safety position, and add to the offensive line. It will also open up the cash to sign Landon Collins long-term and help fund Odell Beckham Jr.’s mega-deal.


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