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The Giants’ 2018 Season Will Depend on One Player’s Performance

There has recently been a lot of optimism for the New York Giants since the draft. New General Manager, Dave Gettleman, has completely revamped the entire roster. The defense has several playmakers while the Giants continue to add depth. The offense, on paper, looks like one of the best in the league.

It has been years since Eli Manning has an offensive line capable of protecting him, it looks like that may change in 2018. Dave Gettleman revamped and upgraded the entire line. The Giants’ 2018 season will depend on one players’ performance.

It is up to Eli:

A lot of blame has been put on the shoulders of Eli, especially after a 3-13 season. But many people around him say he can still play at a high level. Now he will have a legitimate chance to prove it.

For too long, Eli Manning has had to deal with far more pressure than he should have. In 2017, Eli’s snap to throw time was 2.5 seconds. This was in the bottom five in the NFL. This shows truly how quickly Eli had to find his receiver and get rid of the ball before he gets hit.

Let us not forget, the Giants led the league in dropped passes, with 45. The next closest teams were the Cardinals and the Raiders, which each had 38 drops. It wasn’t even close.

With an improved offensive line, and Saquon Barkley to keep the defense honest, Eli will have the time he needs to make more plays. With improved weapons, the offense should see fewer drops. Good protection and explosive weapons is a recipe for a great offense. The rest will be up to Eli.

I bELIeve. Do you?


  1. Zack,

    I’m a firm believer. I screamed for Gurley in 2015. But nobody would listen. I wanted Reese to move up in the draft in 2016 to draft Elliott, but few realized that Elliott was going as high as #4. Either way, my point of view was consistently criticized. We finally have that excelsior RB, let’s see what the pundits say now after 2018.

  2. Zach,

    Many of the so-called pundits were insisting that the Giants go QB in Rd 1 (i.e., Darnold). You cannot have a passing game in this league without a successful running game, unless you play an offense similar to the Vikings offense of 1975 (all sprint-out passes by Fran Tarkenton – he threw nearly 600 passes that year, I believe).
    Nevertheless, given that the NFL is a copycat league, should the Giants find success with Barkley this year, you can bet that there will be a greater emphasis on offense in the running game. Consequently, the defenses will adjust after a year or so, by drafting bigger LBs again.
    Furthermore, although the NFL has become a passing league, stats support that completions of 20 or more yards have decreased over the past two years (so maybe there is a regression to the mean in passing), and the running game will continue to make headway in the offensive philosophy scheme moving forward.

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