The Break Down: Can Ereck Flowers Be A Solid Right Tackle?

New York Giants, Ereck Flowers

Former New York Giants left tackle and incoming right tackle, Ereck Flowers, has finally made an appearance to the Giants’ facilities. After weeks of avoiding interaction with the team, Flowers hired super-agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to mend the broken relationship between the organization and his client.

The consensus is that Flowers will begin the season as the starting right tackle, but that’s only if Chad Wheeler can’t overtake him for the job. There will certainly be competition on the horizon at RT, but let’s take a look at how successful Flowers can be on the opposite side of the line.

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In 2017, Flowers struggled mightily, while he did go a stretch without giving up a sack or pressure. His inconsistency is what ultimately landed him in the dog house, and his giving up in week 17 with Bobby Hart only added to the spiraling of his career. The Giants snagged former Patriots’ LT Nate Solder during the offseason, supplanting Flowers as Eli Manning’s blind-side protector.

According to star safety Landon Collins, Flowers was upset that the Giants replaced him, which was the reason he avoided voluntary workouts. Despite the fact that head coach Pat Shurmur called Flowers to inform him of the signing and that he would be moved to right tackle, the struggling lineman found a way to make his situation worse.

Let’s break down whether he can be successful at right tackle, or not:

In this clip, you can see that Flowers is completely overwhelmed by Ezekiel Ansah from the get-go. This play shows a lack of strength and balance from Flowers, which will not differ on the right side of the line. Being overpowered and ran through isn’t solved by simply moving to the right side. He will need to improve his strength and balance before being considered an average tackle in the NFL.

When I asked Brian Baldinger if Flowers can make the transition, here’s what he said:

According to the former professional lineman, Flowers will certainly have a difficult time adjusting to the new technique, and we shouldn’t put all of our chips in on the forth-year player. There’s one big  issue: We don’t have much of a choice but to believe in Flowers, unless Wheeler can prove he’s capable of holding down the fort.

Despite the move to right tackle, we can still analyze his lack of talent at LT to break down his current skill-set. In this clip, Flowers attempts to get inside of Ansah’s pads, but his powerful swipe completely obliterates Flowers’ attempt and leaves him in the dust. This is a serious issue, as he doesn’t step forward and seal the edge, but rather backs up and lazily throws out and arm and is overwhelmed immediately.

The biggest priority for Flowers this offseason will be improving his balance. An offensive lineman needs to be upright and balanced, which ultimately allows them to contain an incoming edge rusher.

Here’s an example of Rams LT Andrew Whitworth. Watch as his body remains straight as an arrow but his legs move to mirror the defensive end. That’s a perfect display of ability and technique. His lateral movement and balance allow him to stay with the rusher and contain him throughout the play.

If Flowers cannot improve his lateral movement and footwork, he will never be a starting quality offensive lineman in the NFL.