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The Biggest Downfall Of The New York Giants’ Offense In 2017

Besides the fact that the entire New York Giants team collapsed in 2017, there are some glaring statistics that really stand out in regard to the lost season.

The offense was plagued by miscommunications, lack of talent and injuries. The compilation of factors that played a part in the demise of the team was significant, but one aspect really shows just how bad the offense really was.

The statistic:

The Giants led the league with 45 dropped passes, clearing the first-place margin by seven. Now, it’s fair to mention the lack of wide receivers with the injuries to Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard.

When breaking down the numbers, Manning’s passes were considered catch-able 75.8% of the time, which puts him at fifth-best in the league. Despite his accuracy, the Giants still managed to drop 45 balls. That’s 2.81 drops per-game.

Some players that we saw struggle to catch the ball last season were Marshall (when he was healthy), OBJ (4-when he was healthy), Sterling Shepard (4) and Evan Engram who recorded 11 dropped passes solely.

Out of the top 24 players in regard to dropped passes, three Giants landed on the list. This certainly played a large factor in the struggles faced by the offense in 2017. Going into 18′, we should expect to see the team eradicate a large number of those drops with an improved offense line and running game.


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