The 2018 Season Outlook For The New York Giants

The 2018 regular season is still far away from beginning and the New York Giants have a lot of hype coming into this year.  With the addition of Saquon Barkley, a healthy Odell, Collins, Jenkins, and a revamped offensive line, the expectations are growing as the days pass.

What appears to be a more mature Eli Apple and a new defensive scheme should promote a new sense of time management and control on the defensive side of the ball. One of the biggest changes is the culture, as general manager Dave Gettleman has made it a priority to bring in players that are committed to the game and want to win more than they want to breathe. 

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The Giants’ 2018 schedule is tough:

When the schedules came out in April, at first glance, I thought to myself “OH BOY”, we’re in for a long season. Big Blue has one of the leagues most difficult schedules, and they will need every bit of their revamped team to make it through with a winning record.

There are no easy games for the New York Giants. Since birth, I can not remember one easy game where I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the game. Wait, there is one game. The 2000 NFC Championship against the Vikings, 41-0… Only for us to get slaughtered in the Super Bowl, but anyway. (Know any others? Comment below)

Besides the season after the 2007 Super Bowl victory, I do not think I have ever been this excited for the campaign to get underway.  From all the reports and videos from OTA’s, the Giants are a completely different team and I’m drinking Kool-aid. But, there’s still work to be done.  It seems like everyone is clicking, maturing and buying into the new systems, etc., but caution is advisable.

This is the same trend that happened last season.  The Giants emerged as favorites in the NFC East after adding Brandon Marshall and further developing the offense (supposedly). We all know what happened in 2017, so this time around we must be humble.

Hey, I want the Giants to win maybe more than anyone, but we are still in a stage of transition.

Giants 2017 rankings:

Offense:                                   Projections:

PTS: 15.4 (31st)                   PTS: 21.4

YDS: 314.2 (21st)               YDS: 352.3

Pass YDS: 217.4 (19th)   Pass YDS: 252.1

Rush YDS: 96.8 (26th)     Rush YDS: 132.1

Defense:                                  Projections:

PTS: 24.2 (28th)                   PTS: 21.2

YDS: 373.2 (31st)               YDS: 332

Pass YDS: 252.4 (31st)    Pass YDS: 218.2

Rush YDS: 120.8 (27th)  Rush YDS: 103.2


With the overhaul of the front office, things seem to be on the up-and-up, but moving forward into the 2018 season must be taken with a grain of salt. Success seems to be imminent, but making drastic predictions before pre-season even hits is a ballsy move. Let’s tone it down this time around and take it one day at a time. 

Realistically, the Giants jumping from three wins to 5-7 would be a decent improvement. Anything more would be phenomenal, especially with the difficulty of the schedule. Making the playoffs would be a god-send, so we must temper our expectation and understand that immediate turnarounds are rare, but not impossible. 

The offensive line is still a question mark:

The offensive line is still a major question mark, despite adding Nate Solder, Will Hernandez and Patrick Omameh. Ensuring that Eli Manning stays upright and is given ample time to throw the ball is a priority, and Gettleman addressing the line attests to that.

The defense is still under construction. The secondary is still weak and lacks serious depth. Eli Apple will be expected to live up to his potential, and at least one of the undrafted free agents will need to step up and play a big role in their first season. Janoris Jenkins will be as dominant as always and William Gay will provide security in case of injury. 

The linebacker corps is solid, with Olivier Vernon making the transition to outside linebacker, and the signing of Alec Ogletree is the MIC LB. Bringing on Kareem Martin and drafting Lorenzo Carter will also benefit the run-stopping game.

The defensive line is solid.  Even last season, I still thought the line was very good.  But, now there’s a new scheme and more rotational players for the 3-4 defense which will keep everyone fresh, we hope.  As for the safeties, Collins will be healthy and is an all-pro, enough said. The other safety spot is up for grabs, personally, I think Andrew Adams is a better safety than Darian Thompson. Thompson was basically hurt all last season and I had high hopes for him when drafted, but this is a make or break season for him.

Overall, I think the Giants are going to be a lot better team than they were last season.  I mean, hey, it can’t get any worse. And it won’t. However, there’s still a ton of work to do for this team and organization. At least now with a running game, more efficient offensive line and healthy players, the Giants are more watchable than ever. Time will only tell how this new culture is going to play out for our beloved Giants.  We got a tough season ahead, so buckle up. 

Final prediction…7-9.

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