Success On The Horizon As Giants’ OC Mike Shula Details Offensive Capabilities

Nov 13, 2017; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula jogs onto the field prior to the game against the Miami Dolphins at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have a new offensive coordinator in town and his name is Ben McA’joking.’ Fresh off of the Carolina coaching staff, OC Mike Shula brings a familiarity of Dave Gettleman and his methods

Shula was asked various questions about the state of the offense, primarily on Odell Beckham Jr and Eli Manning. His answers are encouraging and surely give us the hope that the Giants’ offense will return to glory once again.

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“You know, God, he’s such an explosive player,” said Shula, who joined his fellow assistants from Pat Shurmur’s staff in speaking to the media for the first time. “We’ve watched what everyone else has seen what he can do on the field, and I’m really looking forward to being able to work with a guy like that. What you see on the field and talking to the guys that have had to defend him at Carolina, and just how explosive he is and how he can get the ball in the end zone. We’re going to try to continue to build on that.”

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Can we say Beckham Jr. isn’t going anywhere yet? I think it’s fair to say the Giants aren’t parting ways with their greatest asset, especially with a coaching tandem that will be able to utilize his strengths week-in and week-out.

“I think that he’s obviously a vital part of our offense, and when you have guys that can make plays and put points on the board, you want to try to feature them as much as you can.”

Head coach Pat Shurmur is remembered for his days in Minnesota as the guy who brought the best of out quarterback Case Keenum. Few recall how well Adam Thielen played alongside the undrafted quarterback.

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Thielen jumped from 967 yards in 2016 to 1276-yards in 17′, a significant jump considering fellow receiver Stefon Diggs had returned from injury and was also a major target.

Shula and Eli Manning:

For Shula, coaching a quarterback like Eli Manning hasn’t exactly been presented as an opportunity for him in recent years. But, his excitement in the fact that he will be working with a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback was unprecedented.

“It’s a different dynamic,” Shula said. “I’m getting ready to coach a guy that has great experience, that physically is in great shape, that has won two Super Bowls, won a bunch of playoff games. I’ve watched him stand at this podium here and answer questions and be able to handle all of those things.

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This might be Manning’s last year in Blue, but Shula is going to make the most out of their time together.

What is the most exciting part of the new offense?

The most exciting aspect of Shula’s press conference came from one statement:

“My vision is coach Shurmur’s vision. We want to use multiple personnel, be unpredictable and different looks.”

Finally! An offense that a new-born child can’t predict. The days of crossing routes and running plays on every single first-down are over, and the age of unpredictability has just begun.