Should The Giants Consider Drafting QB Prospect Logan Woodside?

It’s unclear who will be the quarterback for the New York Giants in the coming years, but the answer might be someone outside of the first round. The Giants should consider all quarterback prospects, not just the ones projected to be upper first round picks, and looking for a quarterback in a later round would allow the second pick to be spent on something else, like an addition to the running game or the offensive line.

Logan Woodside, an under the radar fifth year senior coming out of Toledo, might be one of those later round options.

Let’s start off with the basics:

He’s 6’2″, weighs in at 210 lbs, and threw for 3,882 yards last year as well as 28 touchdowns. His team won the MAC Championship, and his performances throughout the season earned him Offensive Player of the Year honors for the conference.

While watching his game footage, it becomes apparent that he’s not like every mid major quarterback. He can get the ball downfield and set up sideline catches for his receivers, something that’s invaluable to an NFL QB. He also has a good idea of where to put the ball, not forcing it into bad windows or missing his open receivers. However, he played in a spread offense in college, and he’ll have to adjust to a pro style system in the NFL.

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His accuracy is generally good, but I looked at tape from his games against Akron and Central Michigan and noticed a trend. While the ball always goes to the area that he intends it to, he needs to work on fine tuning his accuracy and placing his throws better. That is, he needs to put the ball in a spot where the receiver can easily catch it and continue to run, rather than forcing them to stretch and reach above or in front of themselves too much.

A good quarterbacks coach can probably fix that problem, though, because he’s a pretty accurate quarterback outside of placing the ball too far from the hands of his receivers. He didn’t always have great protection and he didn’t let it stop him during the Central Michigan game; maintaining a good pocket presence and showing a good instinct for avoiding sacks. If the pass rushers take an outside route, he’s capable of rushing down the middle to save the play.

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Coming from the MAC and playing in the spread, it’s going to be a big jump for Woodside to join the NFL. But at least right now, the Giants still have Eli Manning and Davis Webb. They don’t necessarily need a new starter right away, and drafting a quarterback lower would allow them to improve areas of the roster that need help more urgently.

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Is Woodside the glamorous prospect like Rosen, Darnold, or even Josh Allen? No, but if the Giants spend a mid round pick on him when the draft comes around, Woodside could develop into a player that starts just as many games.