Pre-Draft New York Giants Hype Article — Get Pumped, The Draft Is Here!

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Well, the 2018 NFL Draft is almost upon us fellow New York Giants fans…

With only 16 days left until general manager Dave Gettleman picks out our new player with the No. 2 overall pick, we must begin to come together and enjoy this great event.

Why should we be excited?

Rumors began swirling the very second 2017 came to an end and they haven’t stopped picking up steam since. But in the end, we are all part of this great team together, and as Eli Manning stated at the first day of OTA’s, “There’s no point speculating who you might draft.”

Reminder, none of us are making the decisions, so watching our franchise select the future of the team is an amazing experience.

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At 21 years old, I’ve never seen the Giants pick in the top five of the draft, and let me tell you, it’s quite exhilarating. If we grab a quarterback, we will lock in and guarantee a fantastic option to replace Eli Manning, if we take Saquon Barkley we will have a generational running back, if we take Bradley Chubb we acquire a first-class defensive lineman.

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All of the options are fantastic, and of course some are more risky than others, but we have our choice of the blue chip prospects.

The NFL draft is approaching and the New York Giants can go several different directions. You don’t want to miss out on any BREAKING news! Sign up for FREE here.

What’s the primary reason we should be excited? Potential.

The Giants will have a blue chip player, a veteran quarterback, a fresh new offensive line, a quality tight end, and several high quality wide receivers — and that’s only on the offensive side of the ball. On defense, Gettleman added several linebackers, a safety and cornerback. Additionally, the special teams has enjoyed a makeover.

The balance we can already see coming together on the team is impressive, and the new regime has ensured that a culture change is of the utmost importance. All positive changes for the big brother of New York, and we should be ecstatic at the fact we get to witness a franchise changing event in only a few weeks.