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Pat Shurmur Says The Giants Need A Franchise Changing Player At No. 2

The New York Giants recently let out reports that they would be sending out false-information into the public, ensuring that media members and fans are completely lost in the NFL Draft process.

The latest news comes from head coach Pat Shurmur, who according to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan, is keen on finding a franchise changing player at No. 2. Franchise changing could be a quarterback, running back, offensive lineman, you name it.

Shurmur referred to high-picks spent on Lawrence Taylor and Carl Banks in the past, which is absolutely a deterrent from their actual plans. It’s quite obvious the Giants will address the offensive side of the ball in the first-round, and throwing out two defense-men shouldn’t sway our opinions.

What did Shurmur say about Eli Manning?

The Giants are surely sticking with their old stead in Manning for at least one-more season, but we can’t rule out a potential quarterback being drafted in two months. If that’s the case, New York may decide to opt-out of Manning’s 2019 season, saving the team nearly $20 million in cap-space.

Saquon Barkley?

Dave Gettleman made it apparent that they would be evaluating Saquon Barkley’s abilities and worth at the No. 2 overall pick. Taking a running back in the first five picks is a rarity, but when a talent such as Barkley comes across your desk, you must consider the possibility that he might be worth the risk.

Davis Webb?

Coach Shurmur isn’t going to say anything negative about his second-year quarterback, but it’s encouraging to see his want to give him an opportunity. Webb spent the entire 2017 season learning from Manning and developing a pro-style skill set.

If the Giants choose to avoid the quarterback position in the upcoming draft, we can safely assume Webb has what it takes to be a starter in the NFL.

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