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Here’s Why The Giants Shouldn’t Rule Out Baker Mayfield As Their QB Selection

The NFL Draft is only days away, and it is still a huge mystery what the New York Giants are going to do with the second overall pick. Saquon Barkley seems like the favorite, but they could take Bradley Chubb, a quarterback, or trade back and acquire more picks.

Running with the narrative that they will take a quarterback, Baker Mayfield is one they shouldn’t rule out just yet.

Heres why:

Baker Mayfield ranks at or near the top in nearly every category, according to Pro Football Focus. He has the best adjusted completion percentage of all quarterbacks in this draft, handles himself under pressure with the best, and ranks as the best deep passer in the draft as well. The 2018 Heisman Trophy winner had the highest passer rating of any quarterback in this draft when blitzed as well as when he is not.

Some say that the system he played in is what helped his success because his receivers were often wide open. But if you narrow it down to just NFL type throws, Mayfield is still the best, and he has shown tremendous ability to make those tight window throws. His natural instinct gives him the ability to make plays with his arm or legs when the play breaks down.

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The one main concern about Baker Mayfield is his height, officially measuring at 6’0″. Most scouts prefer quarterbacks to be taller than that, but let us not forget about two of the shortest quarterbacks in the NFL right now, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees. Believe it or not, Mayfield has comparable traits as Brees and it’s not just height that they have in common.



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