New York Giants: Who’s At Fault For Wasting Eli Manning’s Prime Years?

New York Giants, Eli Manning

Some might say New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has fallen ill to age and degradation, but might overlook the aspect of his surrounding talent. While it’s easy to blame the lackluster campaigns on Manning, the talent around him played an overwhelming part in the demise of the team.

Nonetheless, we must look at Manning objectively and know that his performance lacked gusto as well. After all, it comes down to management, and more specifically, the general manager – who’s priority is to build a team around their franchise signal caller.

Who’s to blame?

Playing the blame game is one of the oldest in the book, but for our sake as suffering Giants fans, let’s get this out in the open. Former GM Jerry Reese was the reason Manning failed to succeed in the prime of his career, as he consistently missed on offensive lineman and addressed skill positions before protecting his greatest asset.

Currently, GM Dave Gettleman sits atop the throne that Reese once inhabited. The seasoned front-staffer has put the wheels in motion for a return of their veteran quarterback, and just might extract any remaining juice left in his aging arm. Providing Manning with a solid left tackle in Nate Solder and a hostile guard in Will Hernandez, is the first step in making a leap towards success only one year after a 3-13 season.

We mustn’t forget about the coaching staff – Ben McAdoo and co. The Giants’ former coach led the team straight into the ground, as the locker room collapsed and players began to fight. So, we have addressed the GM and HC, but here’s a question that we haven’t thought about much: Maybe it’s the ownership?

John Mara and Steve Tisch are two vastly different owners, as Mara plays too much of a part, and Tisch sits back and watches. It’s safe to say Wellington Mara was likely turning over in his grave as anonymous players took shots at the coaching staff and players were clearly leaving effort on the field every game. Mara did nothing to stop it, and in turn helped bench Eli Manning to start a frenzy among the fan-base. Boycotts, riots, you name it. All of it was on the horizon, and Mara was at the forefront of it. Luckily, he managed to hide behind his new hires and shiny new Saquon Barkley draft pick before things got ugly.

In the end, maybe it’s Mara’s fault more than anybody else.