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New York Giants Surprise Lineman Starts With First Stringers In OTAs

The New York Giants‘ voluntary workouts are under way, and one of the most interesting units taking the field was the offensive line.

The group of big men have an expected starting unit, but one lineman took the field with the first-stringers that was surprising.

Several weeks back, we spoke about a dark-horse lineman that could steal the right guard spot from former Jaguar Patrick Omameh — on Monday, he lined up at right guard while Omameh and Will Hernandez split reps at left guard.

Former Cleveland Browns’ guard John Greco joined the Giants last season after several injuries, leaving a vacant spot on the roster. Greco played in six games in 2017, but he could emerge as a potential starter or valuable reserve lineman in 2018.

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Greco earned first-string snaps with the Giants during OTAs on Monday, making for a surprise among followers of the Giants. While head coach Pat Shurmur stated that a depth chart hasn’t been created, it can be assumed that they have an idea of what it might look like. By plugging in Greco at right guard, they might be testing his ability and if he could give Omameh a run for his money.

Omameh was signed to a three-year, $15 million this offseason, which isn’t a heavy investment considering he’s expected to be a starting lineman for the Giants. Omameh was an undrafted free agent in 2013, but has showed potential in the pass game. He has struggled in run blocking but will likely spend additional time refining his technique and skill-set.

Here’s a clip of Omameh in the run-game. His utter power is undoubtedly his biggest strength, as he proceeds to push Leonard Fournette for several more yards after he gets caught around a few defenders. Additionally, the former Jag moved to the second-level well after his initial assignment. His issue is consistency, and he will need to play with a “hog-mollie” mentality more often if he wants to solidify himself as the starter for the foreseeable future. He also struggles with maintaining his balance, which is also an issue Ereck Flowers deals with.

Greco on the other hand is a solid blocker in both the pass and run game. His most appealing attribute is his consistency, and his ability to perform at an average level at all times. He doesn’t lack effort and give up on plays, but rather displays a solid tenacity throughout the course of a game.

Here’s a clip of Greco with the Browns. What I love about Greco is that he never loses focus and always seeks another assignment. In this clip you can see him bounce off his initial block and looks to help a teammate. He immediately shifts to the left and knocks the defensive lineman to the ground, providing his quarterback more time to make a play.

The bottom line, both lineman have their strengths and weaknesses, but it will come down to who can perform in both the pass and run game consistently.

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