New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr – Goat or G.O.A.T – part 1

There are likely two possible career arcs for New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Part 1 looks at the possibility that OBJ goes down a detrimental path, squandering incredible God given talents.

Is OBJ confused? Does he view himself as a once in a generation NFL football player who can revolutionize the WR positon the way that Lawrence Taylor did for the outside linebacker position or is he an entertainer? One of the elite position players in the league or a Drake side kick?

New York Giants are a no nonsense classy organization:

For well more than a decade, the NYG have been defined by the face of Eli Manning. A dignified, no nonsense player who comports himself with class on and off the field. Manning has managed to get paid, to win super bowls and to avoid controversy for the most part. He has been all about the business of winning, much in the Derek Jeter mold.

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Beckham is wearing out the New York Giants. Is he Drake’s buddy? Is he a public urinator? An out of control thug on the field (Dave Gettleman had a great seat for that infamous meltdown versus his Panthers)? Is he a guy apt to go party in Miami in the lead up to a playoff game he not only lost, but developed a sudden case of the drops? What is Beckham thinking bringing strange woman and their translator into his hotel room camera phone at the ready? None of this is the Giants way.

Do the Giants pay this man over $100 million to be the face of the organization?

Not now. No way. Ownership has no idea what his commitment is to the Giants way. The Giants are a sub .500 team on his watch. He is a risk.

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The hard salary cap league that is the NFL does not allow you to recover from a $100 million dollar roster error easily. If Beckham can’t figure himself out and mature, he could be the goat that causes an uncompetitive roster for years.

Do the Giants trade Beckham?

Do not trade him now. Ownership needs to put Beckham on notice. Declare who you are OBJ! Show us you are worthy. Dedicate yourself full time to be being a great Giants player for life. Right now, Beckman would not provide a sell high return, I don’t think, however, if Carl Banks (see tweet is correct) that some team will offer 3 first round picks plus, PULL.

Otherwise, If Beckham wants to sit out, he is under contract. Fine him. Suspend him when and if that becomes possible. He is not the G.O.A.T. just yet. Or, if he chooses to play, have him audition for that contract. Tag him if necessary multiple times, until we know who we are paying over $100 million to.

Part 2 will examine the path Odell Beckham should take. The path he deserves for himself and commensurate with his potential for G.O.A.T. greatness. Ultimately, the choice will be his!