New York Giants

New York Giants Minicamp: Hopeful Corner Has Terrible Day

As day one of mandatory minicamp comes to an end for the New York Giants, third-year corner Eli apple struggled mightily throughout the practice.

For the first loss of the day, Apple was beat on a route from Amba Etta-Towa… Yeah, that guy. It could have just been an off day for the corner, but losing to a no-name receiver should be troublesome for coaches and fans alike.

Despite my confidence in a rebound year for Apple, he still needs a lot of work in locating the ball and making a play before the receiver can make a move first.

Apple struggled with holding penalties and pass interference in his first two seasons. One of the biggest digs on him was his hand usage and placement. Often times, Apple would revert back to grabbing the opposing receiver or holding on to them if he was in danger of getting beat. We saw a small flashback of that today, which could have been a fluke, but again, is something to watch out for.

He was beat badly three times during the first minicamp practice, making his day a less than adequate one. He will look to rebound in day two. Apple was having a nice summer before this goose-egg, showing off his refined coverage skills and ability to turn his head and locate the ball.

Oddly enough, Apple managed to have a better season in 2017 than his rookie year, and started four games fewer. In both seasons, he managed 41 tackles and eight assists. He recorded one more pass defense (8) last season than in ’17. This doesn’t look good for the young corner, as you expect to see incremental development after being drafted. Hopefully, this year will bring a sense of excitement for a player that is trying to turn his career around after a destructive campaign.